About Thomaston Mills FZCO - HISTORY

Thomaston Mills has a rich and storied history dating back to its founding in 1899. We have built upon the rich tradition and focused on the vision of the company that grew into one of America’s largest textile producers during the 20th century. Our company has the heritage of a multi-generational family business.

Our history dates back over 100 years ago when Mr. Robert Edgar Hightower led the company into the 20th century, followed by Mr. Harrison Hightower guiding the company through the Great Depression and World War II. Mr. Julian Hightower oversaw a period of tremendous growth during the 1950’s and 1960’s, while instilling a strong sense of community in our hometown of Thomaston, GA. Mr. Billy Hightower led the company to become more independent and diverse during the 1970’s.

For years, Thomaston has had a reputation as a mill that pays close attention to the Institutional customer. Responsive service, the highest quality standards, and a focus on enabling its distributors to succeed and prosper, are hallmarks for which Thomaston has been noted. We are intently focused on continuing and furthering these traditions that have come to define Thomaston Mills.

In recent years, Thomaston Mills has refined its focus to concentrate exclusively on institutional business, consisting of the hospitality and healthcare markets. We firmly believe that rather than trying to be all things to all people, we can serve be most in tuned to our customers’ needs by focusing on what we do best.

This tradition continues through the many men and women that comprise of our organization, most of whom have been with Thomaston Mills for the majority of their careers. Our associates are accustomed to performing to a standard of excellence that is unmatched in our industry.

We are also achieving success and continuity through our processes. Just as Thomaston always has, we continue to focus on delivering the highest quality products in the institutional business. Our commitment is to deliver the same, consistent products that Thomaston has for years, using the same formulas and tolerances.

Perhaps most importantly, our way of doing business is a tradition that we want to continue for years to come. For generations, Thomaston Mills has done business in an honest, straightforward manner that has shown a deep commitment not only to our distributors, but to the community as well.

We are elated to have the chance to be a part of the revitalization of the town of Thomaston, GA and surrounding Upson County.

As Mr. Edwin Cliburn, former mayor of Thomaston, GA said a few years ago, “. . . whatever is good for Thomaston Mills will, in the long run of life, be good for the town of Thomaston and Upson County.” We welcome this challenge, as we continue to believe in the town of Thomaston and the great people who work with us.

Thomaston Mills views itself as a dynamic, service-oriented organization. We look forward to continuing our dramatic growth and thriving together for the next 100 years and beyond!

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