About Thomaston Mills FZCO - OUR OWN BRANDS

We have four subsidiary brands under Thomaston, they are the following:

City Scape

City Scape is an auxiliary brand of Thomaston which caters higher thread counts for those customers who loves comfort and feel of luxury in their own bed. At present, we have introduced 250 & 350 thread Counts, 100% Cotton Sateen Plain and Printed. This brand is the Home Trend of today.

American Mood

American Mood is a subsidiary of our retail brand Thomaston founded in 1899. Over 20 year presence of Thomaston products in Middle East Region including: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman.

Our Philosophy is Simple, we offer high quality Bed & Bath Products with designs that are exclusive only to our customers in their respective markets.

We help our customers add value and create a story around products we supply by providing full shop concept 50:50 cost basis, point of sale material, display fixtures, merchandising guidance and advertisement allowances.

Silver Crest

Silver Crest.. caters with low budget customers but it has the distinctive good designs that you will be fond of.

New Era

New Era offers 132 Thread Count in the Market with a lot of variation of designs that suits your taste.

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